The Refuge @ The Well is currently on pause while we are in search of a director for this program. If you or anyone you know is interested in this, please contact us for more information.

Refuge @ the Well is a 7-9 month discipleship program for women ready to change their lives through a relationship with Jesus Christ. The 3-phase program is designed to keep the women focused as they grow in their walk with the Lord, as well as learn how to navigate their new life with Godly relationships, friendships, and principles.

 Each individual will start Phase 1 (30 days), in our program housing. They will be expected to follow strict guidelines, such: as curfew, random drug testing, training where needed, find a job after 30 days, and report daily to the Refuge Director. Accountability to their mentors will be very crucial to each phase of this program. Clients will be charged a minimal amount for rent so that they can save money toward a deposit on their own house or apartment.  Once Phase 1 is completed, client will continue on to Phase 2 and 3. Each phase will be more lenient and aim to increase the client’s ability to be a productive, self-sufficient citizen. After all phases are completed, participants will graduate from our program and start their lives, well prepared to succeed in society.  

 Refuge housing consists of a house that can accommodate 11 clients.  The clients will have access to a gym, training room, laundry facilities, kitchen, and necessary classes that are critical to the success of women that are truly starting over.  We feel like we are a one-stop shop for everything they will need to succeed!

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