As we have become more aware of the desperate need of housing for men that are released from prison, we believe we have developed a program that could be the answer for a group of individuals looking for a way to re-enter society with people that have their best interest at heart. We have established a preliminary re-entry program that starts while they are still incarcerated. This process gives us the ability to get to know them before they are released, and determine if our program would be the best fit for them as they transition back into society. Below is a broad outline of our expectations while they are still incarcerated and then After entering our program:

1. Application and Review
2. Assistance with life skill training
3. GED assistance
4. Money management classes
5. Celebrate Recovery classes
6. ID/Social Security Assistance
7. Job skill training
8. communication skills training
9. Resume writing skills
10. Leadership skills

Once released, each individual will start Phase 1 (30 days), in our temporary program housing. They will be expected to follow strict guidelines such as curfew, random drug testing, continual training where needed, find a job, and report daily to the dorm manager. Accountability to their mentors will be crucial to each phase of this program. Clients will be charged a minimal amount for rent so that they can save money toward the future deposit on their own house or apartment they will acquire once graduating the program.

Once Phase 1 is completed, the client will continue to Phase 2 and 3 (also 30 days each). Each phase will be more lenient and aim to increase the client’s ability to be a productive, self-sufficient citizen. After all phases are completed participants will graduate from our program and start their lives well prepared to succeed in society.

Want to apply for the Oasis Program? Download the application here:

Download Application Here

Want to help?


1. New Roof

2. New fellowship building

3. Gas

4. Financial Support

Volunteer Positions

1. Mentors

2. Teachers