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The heart behind the Kids Program is to do whatever it takes to reach local kids and youth with the Gospel and to make and multiply
biblical disciples of Christ.

Enid is home to 5,000-7,000 Pacific Islanders, such as the Marshallese and Chuukese and that number continues to grow every year. The Pacific Island community is often a community that is pushed aside or forgotten about. One area specifically being the children in their community that go through physical, spiritual, emotional, and sexual abuse. This affects the rest of their lives and has increased the dropout rate after 8th grade to 70%. Our hearts break for these children, because we grew up in similar situations and know the pain that it causes. Our vision is to instill hope in these children through planting seeds of the Gospel of Jesus and provide a safe place to remind them that Christ has not forgotten them and that there is purpose for their life.

Currently, the Kids Program consists of Kids Camp for Kindergarten-5th grade which will begin after Fall Break and meet every Thursday afternoon. We also have The Bridge Youth program for 6th-12th grade that meets regularly on Friday nights and Wednesday nights, which focuses on building relationships and teaching the youth what it looks like to follow Jesus. The youth also spend time with the staff daily, doing life with them and being poured into. Also, The Bridge Disc Golf Program is designed for youth and kids interested in the sport to meet regularly to learn, practice, and compete in Disc Golf while being discipled and fellowshipping with one another. Our Disc Golf Program participates in the local league in Enid, plays in tournaments, and encourages each other to work hard at this sport as the Lord works through them.

There are also many summer activities that we do with the kids such as VBS, water activities, and so much more!

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